Hello everyone, it’s quite a long time here in this blog about posting some kinda inspiration articles for you the readers every where since I was very very busy with the schedule. But today I’m back and have collected some of the amazing and breath-taking printed brochures to share to everyone. The designers are made […]

Recently, I have found some of the greatest, finest design examples of graphs made by awesome designers from some where on earth. My first impression to it, was really deep than a talk. Everything they did to the design especially the color they used, layout they prepared, typefaces they inserted are all so stunning and […]

This is the first version icons created by myself which is used to customize the Android Status Bar using XposedStatusBar (for Rooted users only). (A preview image) Requirements: XposedStatusBar Mod and XposedInstaller. Disclaimer: Please use this at your own risk, I will not responsible for anything since it works fine with my phone (HTC One X running […]

Hello folks, it’s quite a long time since my last post and some people may wondering where am I or what am I up to and that is because of my school and work. But today I have bring some of the coolest 3D paper sculptures by a Canadian artists, Calvin Nicholls who have made […]

Hello readers, what’s up out there? Today I spotted one interesting article about the amazing comic characters drawing by Josip Kelava which are really stunning and eye-catching design. Once we look at it, we can see the characters are mixed up with the typography that makes the awesomeness of the design stand out by his own hand […]

Yes, it’s here finally but not really a surprising news any more after Apple has unleashed their new flagship devices, the iPhone 5s and 5c (the cheaper iPhone with many colors for choosing) at the WWDC yesterday but yet some people may have not seen what’s inside and how it looks like so below are […]

Hey people, are you there? Yeah, it’s quite a long time since I haven’t do anything with the blog because of my busy stuff both school and work, but here I am back again and have brought something interesting to share. Today’s post is about badges design that is the similar post I did before […]