Awesome iOS App Icon Designs Inspiration

Do you really want to make an icon for your application? And do you really want to make it cool? Or do you want some ideas of creating it? If each of these questions above is yours, then the handcrafts below are already created by various designers with powerful brain and creative ideas from all over the places and has come together to show off each of their work. Why I called it awesomeBecause they are all very smooth, realistic, attractive, shiny and… I couldn’t really know how to describe it. If you don’t believe me, see it by your self:

iOS-app-icons-1 iOS-app-icons-2 iOS-app-icons-3 iOS-app-icons-5 iOS-app-icons-6 iOS-app-icons-7 iOS-app-icons-8 iOS-app-icons-9 iOS-app-icons-11 iOS-app-icons-12 iOS-app-icons-13 iOS-app-icons-14 iOS-app-icons-15 iOS-app-icons-16 iOS-app-icons-17 iOS-app-icons-18 iOS-app-icons-19 iOS-app-icons-20 iOS-app-icons-21 iOS-app-icons-22 iOS-app-icons-23 iOS-app-icons-24 iOS-app-icons-25 iOS-app-icons-26 iOS-app-icons-27 iOS-app-icons-28 iOS-app-icons-30 iOS-app-icons-31 iOS-app-icons-35 iOS-app-icons-37

Now it is your turn, do you have any ideas for now or want some more of these icons? If so, here is where you want to go.

Source: graphicdesignjunction 


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