Inspirational Gig Poster Design

Some of you may have seen this or may not about these. Today I want to show some of the best and cool Gig poster design out there by various designers. I am not really sure about what is Gig design is I’ve  just only heard that it was very famous during 60s back then and now are still popular and used everywhere. Even though I don’t know what is it, yet I still have to give a presentation for everybody here reading my blog and these are really caught my eyes at first sight:

andrew-bird and-you-will-know-us-by-the-trail-of-dead animal-collective broken-social-scene decemberists deer-hoof destroyer devendra-banhart feist fiery-furnaces islands2 joanna-newsom jose-gonzalez lcd-sound-system les-savy-fav mates-of-state my-morningjacket neko-case of-montreal ooioo stars the-national the-shins tokyo-police-club we-are-scientists

What do you think? Pretty cool? Awesome? Well, if you think so then you should have clicked here to see more.

Source: wellmedicated


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