Amazing Icons Illustration Design Inspiration

Recently I found some of the clean and simple icons design by various designers. First time seeing that, I feel very good because these designs can be used everywhere like a t-shirt by printing on, as a wallpaper hanging on your wall for decoration, sticker, voucher and many more. So stay calm and see by yourself now:

1 (2) illustration-ahoh-1 illustration-ahoh-2 illustration-astrid-ortiz-2 illustration-astrid-ortiz-7 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-1 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-2 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-4 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-6 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-8 illustration-ico-ondrej-job-9 illustration-jkaczmarek-3 illustration-jkaczmarek-4 illustration-sascha-elmers-1 illustration-sascha-elmers-2 illustration-sascha-elmers-3 illustration-sascha-elmers-4 illustration-sascha-elmers-5 illustration-sascha-elmers-6 illustration-sascha-elmers-7 illustration-sascha-elmers-8 illustration-soul-seven-1 illustration-soul-seven-2 illustration-soul-seven-3 illustration-soul-seven-8 illustration-soul-seven-10 illustration-soul-seven-11 illustration-undoboy-2 illustration-undoboy-3 illustration-undoboy-4 illustration-undoboy-5 illustration-undoboy-6

Awesome? So please click here to see more by yourself.

Source: dzineblog


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