2013 Second International Reggae Poster Contest Winners Announcement

Second International Reggae Poster Contest Announces the Winnters!

Today I am really proud and excited to share to everybody about the winners of the Second International Reggae Poster Contest (IRCP) of 2013 under the theme “Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music“.

The Second International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) was announced on 27 December 2012, with the goal of generating fresh Reggae poster designs from around the world. Interest in the contest grew significantly, closing at the end of March with a total of 1,100 submissions from 722 designers representing 78 countries. The contest winners were chosen from 363 finalists by a distinguished panel of judges known for their creativity and commitment to design.

The objective of the Second International Reggae Poster Contest is to reinforce awareness of Reggae music and celebrate its positive impact on the world.

The top 3 of the top 10 winners:

1st Place: Balazs Pakozdi from United Kingdom (Bob Marley Reggae Poster) 

1st-Balazs Pakozdi - Bob Marley

2nd Place: Andrew Cachia from Malta (Dreams of Freedom)

2nd - Andrew-Cachia - Dreams of Freedom

3rd Place: Lenin Baru Vásquez Felipe from Mexico (Natural Reggae) 

3rd - Lenin Baru Vásquez Felipe - Natural Reggae

They are all very stunning and mind-provoking that I’ve ever seen before in the world of reggae posters. BUT that’s not the end of border. Down below are the 7 winners among the top 10 lists:

4th Place: Rohan Mitchell from Jamaica (Dubwise)


5th Place: Pinelopi Vassilaki & Anastasia Verteouri from Greece (King Alpha and Queen Omega)

5th Anastasia-Verteouri and Pinelopi-Vassilaki - King-Alpha-and-Queen-Omega

6th Place: Mingliang Li from China (Reggae)

6th - Mingliang Li - reggae

7th Place: Michelle Chung from Panama (Music is a Stronger Weapon)


8th Place: Mingliang Li from Poland (Don Carlos)

8th - Tomasz Bartz - Don Carlos

9th Place: Nichole Jackman from United States (Together As One)

9th - Nichole_Jackman - Together As One

10th Place: Jerry Neville from United Kingdom (Tribute to The Forefather)

10th - Jerry Neville - Tribute To the Forefathers

Seeing these designs, my mouth was wide open and speechless because they are all showing their unique style and design to describe the Jamaican music culture.

Here are the names of 100 contestants selected as the winners:

1. Balazs Pakozdi, UK
2. Andrew Cachia, Malta
3. Lenin Baru Vásquez Felipe, Mexico
4. Rohan Mitchell, Jamaica
5. Pinelopi Vassilaki & Anastasia Verteouri, Greece
6. Mingliang Li, China
7. Michelle Chung, Panama
8. Tomasz Bartz, Poland
9. Nichole Jackman, US
10. Jerry Neville, United Kingdom
11. Jacek Tofil, Poland
12. Pedro Juan Abreu Fernández, Cuba
13. Lior Hamudot, Israel
14. Chingya Huang, Taiwan
15. Danny Warner, US
16. Sonia & Gabriel, Díaz & Martinez, Spain
17. Dimitris Evagelou, Greece
18. Miguel Cachia, Malta
19. Ariel López, Argentina
20. Nancy Reyes, Mexico
21. Andreas Wikström, Sweden
22. Elisa Baldissera, Italy
23. Reinaldo León, Venezuela
24. Elna Gurvitz, Spain
25. Lee Natsuhide, Japan
26. Xi Li, China
27. Lola Coudignac, France
28. Zhang Yong, China
29. Jesane Jackson, Jamaica
30. Manolis Angelakis, Greece
31. Mikko Walamies, Finland
32. Mao Solano, Colombia
33. Joanna Frydrychowicz, Krzysztof Skrzypczyk, Poland
34. Dorottya Petery, Hungary

35. James Purdy, US
36. Scott Thompson, US
37. Christopher Scott, Ecuador
38. Nikos Gazetas, Greece
39. Sena Çinar, Turkey
40. Judith Eyal, Israel
41. Chee Ong Tan, Malaysia
42. François Niocel, France
43. Jasek Tofil,Poland
44. Ali Masumbeigi, Iran
45. Tien Le, United States
46. Alexi Jacobo, Vidal Romero, Mexico
47. Molineris Jean-Christophe, France
48. Tom Kariv, Israel
49. Pavel Paschenko, Russia
50. Jaroslava Kocova, Czech Republic
51. Efrain Jose, Venezuela
52. Ghasem Rashidi, Iran
53. Aida Nayeban, Iran
54. Elizabeth Rugutt, US
55. Christos Papachristos, Greece
56. Camille Rapay, US
57. Eryk Stankiewicz, Poland
58. Beatrice Png, Singapore
59. Henry Rodriguez, Bolivia
60. Xiaoliang Lin, China
61. Shiyu,Wang,China
62. Jacek Tofil, Poland
63. Tomasz Bartz, Poland
64. Theresa Daniels, US
65. Deny Setyawan (Menk), Indonesia
66. Erika Bonilla Bouchan, Mexico
67. Agnieszka Dajczak, Poland
68. Denis Belorybkin, Ukraine

69. Seyyed Abbas Bagheri, Iran
70. Andrew Zinicola, US
71. Agnieszka Dajczak, Poland
72. Alistair Williams, UK
73. Anne Andersen, Denmark
74. Andrea Donà, UK
75. Timothy Emeny, United Kingdom
76. Alexis Tapia, Mexico
77. Byoung Il Sun, South Korea
78. Arvee Fider, Philippines
79. Daniel Sanches, Portugal
80. Atanas Giew, Bulgaria
81. José Alberto, Torres Pérez, Mexico
82. Piret Alvre, Estonia
83. Marco Tomassoli, Italy
84. Saeed Sheikhbaglou, Iran
85. Mario Fuentes, Ecuador
86. Arvee Fider, Philippines
87. Hakim Allel, Algeria
88. Tien Le, US
89. Hadi(Atabay) Arjmand, Iran
90. Olena Staranchuk, Ukraine
91. Marina Mueller, Switzerland
92. Alexey Rubanov, Ukraine
93. Katažina Čaplinskaja, Lithuania
94. Kara Timmons, US
95. Ness Schwarzer, Germany
96. Rinat Khabirov, Russia
97. Yvanne Jolibois, US
98. Paulina Gancarczyk, France
99. Maciej Szuttenbach, United Kingdom
100. Lin Mougui & Lin Xiaoliang, China

Congratulation to these winners and for more additional information and to view the 100 best posters with other 12 honorable mention designers’ posters, please visit http://www.reggaepostercontest.com/winners/winners-2013/

All the posters, not only the top 100, show the profound impact the music has had on an international level and mirrors the positive energy of Reggae, one of Jamaica’s many gifts to the world. The diverse entries are a powerful testament to the global reach and love for Reggae music.

Source: reggaepostercontest


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