Awesome Vintage Badges Design Inspiration

A badge is a distinctive emblem which worn as a mark of office, membership, achievement, or licensed employment, something like that. It have the different styles and details of design depends on which organization it is related to but may have the same shape from the outside to wrap around the things inside. So today I’ve found some of the best works by creative graphic artists from some where on earth that they have done all of these amazing job:

13030 40201 40204 40205 45392 55840 92195 92252 102566 112915 113650 119211 119212 120391 121070 127472 135501 135513 135683 136941 137158 137728 143940 145131

Gorgeous!! Some of you may have seen these before, right? Anyway please click on this link to see some more and details.

Source: vandelaydesign


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