Awesome Stella Design Works by Aldo Pulella

Some of you may know this name, Aldo Pulella who is a South-African designer that love making a mix design artwork between photography with 3D modeling. For some of you that haven’t know his name or never seen his artwork before, today I will present to you some of his amazing (artwork) jobs as a new taste design for your inspiration. They are all eye-catching because of its unique style and art has driven me crazy and well, this article is another interesting article for me and also for the readers as well:

0c327323b10085d27436a796eda62b19 0e41ce14277b874bea3314ea953a0107 02fc360faed414a562ed412f7b26dc93 3a6a79266da97fa30a6cbc259e28f2ff 4fa1cd5d76e7d3128843a7fb22827c6f 56c88c0d6dce6134d0741f38b999aaac 73d3d5406a6c7b80b0e4924400faed3c 0454ad6acd62b0a6fceacd8a908d02ef 494c98d2d9a4ed4dc5a2ac1b8909014c 709f989292168d001758c7144b3324ba 784b3af93c0655024782e366bb427fe8 967cd868e03e4983fe44513ad40c4686 997ac3b9006b17b6efa8a7a089845d2a 9672a866807dec7b55e4d36519039c99 28774e46ff90032ab148b3811fb4d8ea 037292cedb3ed79aaaf8ae1571134110 73941fcefeaa4d5f62a41c590cfb2280 a7afa9bd70ded73577007999ad10623e c16b6fc358a27646da15efe53aeba0df d6ed05719acc7ebc7a86da6f90753d0e d6f0f5edd79e473f282da25e4ca5f461 f4f47675c02e53a3abc4684aeff331bd f73f72fffd212fcff0fdd71d97d41bbd

I would really want to do something like him but you know, people have different talent, way of doing things and many more. If you love to see and read more about his artwork, this link will take you to where you want to be at.

Source: abduzeedo


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