Cool Heroes and Villains by Josip Kelava

Hello readers, what’s up out there? Today I spotted one interesting article about the amazing comic characters drawing by Josip Kelava which are really stunning and eye-catching design. Once we look at it, we can see the characters are mixed up with the typography that makes the awesomeness of the design stand out by his own hand and his inspirational and creative ideas. Now without saying mroe words, let’s have a look at this beautiful collection: 

Heroes-and-Villains-000 Heroes-and-Villains-002 Heroes-and-Villains-003 Heroes-and-Villains-004 Heroes-and-Villains-005 Heroes-and-Villains-006 Heroes-and-Villains-007 Heroes-and-Villains-008 Heroes-and-Villains-009 Heroes-and-Villains-010 Heroes-and-Villains-011 Heroes-and-Villains-012 Heroes-and-Villains-013 Heroes-and-Villains-014 Heroes-and-Villains-015 Heroes-and-Villains-016 Heroes-and-Villains-017 Heroes-and-Villains-018 Heroes-and-Villains-019 Heroes-and-Villains-020 Heroes-and-Villains-021 Heroes-and-Villains-022 Heroes-and-Villains-023

Terrific, right? Of course what I really love about it are all of those turtle ninja, one of my favorite comic. Now what do you think? Leave some comments below.

Source: thedesigninspiration


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