Breathtaking 3D Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

Hello folks, it’s quite a long time since my last post and some people may wondering where am I or what am I up to and that is because of my school and work. But today I have bring some of the coolest 3D paper sculptures by a Canadian artists, Calvin Nicholls who have made all of these masterpieces by combining individual pieces from the detail drawing. So without saying much, let’s go to it:

3D-Paper-Sculpture-001 3D-Paper-Sculpture-002 3D-Paper-Sculpture-003 3D-Paper-Sculpture-004 3D-Paper-Sculpture-005 3D-Paper-Sculpture-006 3D-Paper-Sculpture-007 3D-Paper-Sculpture-008 3D-Paper-Sculpture-009 3D-Paper-Sculpture-015 3D-Paper-Sculpture-016 3D-Paper-Sculpture-017

For more details about these, please click here.

Source: thedesigninspiration


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