Stunning Printed Brochures Design Inspiration

Hello everyone, it’s quite a long time here in this blog about posting some kinda inspiration articles for you the readers every where since I was very very busy with the schedule. But today I’m back and have collected some of the amazing and breath-taking printed brochures to share to everyone. The designers are made them stand out so perfectly, the colors, layouts as well as the illustrations which you will never get tired of watching again and again and again. So here they are:

1-Lake-Shore-Brochure 2-Quem-sou-eu-Who-Am-I 3-Nick-Cave-HEAVYWEIGHT-LTERSKINS 5-Brochure-by-emtgrafico 7-Vespa-brochure-by-niggez 8-Lois-Armstrong-cover-by-niggez 9-Brazil-Brochure-by-punksafetypin 10-RVC-CPD-Brochure-2013 11-Corporate-Business-brochure- 13-Minimal-Eyes-Brochure 14-Weight-Watchers-360-program 15-Tourist-Guide-Brochure 16-United-States-Postal-Service-Re-Branding 17-Taj-Villas 18-Moomah 19-Hilton-F&B-brochure 20-Foodland-Spring-Recipe-Book-2012 21-WildLife-Brigade 22-NTU-Art-Design-Book 25-Konami-Gaming-KP3-Pop-Up-Brochure 26-Brochure-by-cmattic 27-Exclusive-Horizontal-Brochure 28-CTP-Brochure-Poster 32-Design-Futures-exhibition-materials 33-Shoreditch 34-RW-Swiss-Style-Brochure 35-PRISM-HELVETIA 36-Color-Splashes-Textures-Concept-design-Photography 47-MCA-A5-Brochure-Design 50-Pantone-Brief

Need some more? Then peep them through here.

Source hongkiat 


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