e657f106868b11e3be550e1562ca3e6b_8Boreynhim.wordpress.com is focusing on designing and entertainment and as well as the big impact on students who really love designing. People or students will find staff more easy using this website, fonts, icons, texture images and many more which I shard or post the links for all of them to download for free. Also there is a video menu which every one can watch something new on the go, music video, tutorials, funny videos and many more which you can never expect. Most important of all is the Download menu, a place where you can have everything for free.

Please support and always viewing my website and there will be so many and many things coming in the very next few months!

About My Self

My name is Nhim Chanborey, 21 year-old from Cambodia and currently studying at Build Bright University the 3rd year student of  Information Technology. I am also working as a graphic designer at one of the well-known business company, Khmerload.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me or sending feedback over here nhimchanborey@gmail.com and I’ll be waiting to reply or you can even give me a call +85517430930.

I am also on Facebook and Google+.

If there are any requests or feedback please send them over here nhichanborey@gmail.com and I always check and reply you back in a very short times.

Thanks for visiting!

Nhim Chanborey


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