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[video] : iPhone 5c and 5s Hands-on

Yes, it’s here finally but not really a surprising news any more after Apple has unleashed their new flagship devices, the iPhone 5s and 5c (the cheaper iPhone with many colors for choosing) at the WWDC yesterday but yet some people may have not seen what’s inside and how it looks like so below are […]

[video] : Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Here it comes. Check out the latest model of Nokia Lumia 1020 the super camera high-end smartphone from Nokia. The review is made by Marquee Brown Lee. Source: YouTube

[Video] : Unlock All Weapon Slots in Far Cry 3

I know that this maybe an old article but for the sake of helping people out, this video is the way of unlocking all 4 weapon slots in Far Cry 3. Some of you may found the difficulty in carrying all 4 weapons at a time even myself but after watching this video, hmmm it’s […]

[Video] : Creating simple 3 states buttons using Photoshop

This video is going to show you how. So enjoy.

[Video] : 5 True Facts About Google X

Enjoy this video made by Marques Brownlee on the 5 True Facts About Google X. Source: YouTube

[Video] : The Moment You Wish You Could Have Seen In Person

Please enjoy this video on “The Moment You Wish You Could Have Seen In Person” that made by BuzzFeedVideo in 2 minutes. Source: YouTube

[Video] : Original Meaning of Everyday Words

Enjoy this video made by BuzzFeedVideo on the originam meaning of everyday words which some of will surprise you. Source: YouTube