Here it comes. Check out the latest model of Nokia Lumia 1020 the super camera high-end smartphone from Nokia. The review is made by Marquee Brown Lee. Source: YouTube Advertisements

Today is really a great day for presenting to you something interesting, Brochure. Yeah I have found all of these perfect works from some where on the internet which extremely attractive and well-prepared by all of those visual graphic designers. Reading is not the only reason you want to click on each articles I posted, […]

I did post some typography designs before and you may have seen it and now maybe feeling a bit nostalgic of how great they are. This post is another heart-stopping article for people who love and enjoy creating a typography design as a subject. This collection I hope it will help you more about the […]

I know that this maybe an old article but for the sake of helping people out, this video is the way of unlocking all 4 weapon slots in Far Cry 3. Some of you may found the difficulty in carrying all 4 weapons at a time even myself but after watching this video, hmmm it’s […]

Some of you may know this name, Aldo Pulella¬†who is a South-African designer that love making a mix design artwork between photography with 3D modeling. For some of you that haven’t know his name or never seen his artwork before, today I will present to you some of his amazing (artwork) jobs as a new […]

Sorry, it’s quite a long time since my last post on this blog but anyway I’m back on track. Today I have found some interesting articles about the artwork design cover for the music and I hope people would be really enjoy just the way you are and what you will have to see are […]

A badge is a distinctive emblem which worn as a mark of office, membership, achievement, or licensed employment, something like that. It have the different styles and details of design depends on which organization it is related to but may have the same shape from the outside to wrap around the things inside. So today […]